A dictator who believes in an eye for an eye and shamelessly rips off Bruno Ganz.

For other Hitlers, see Adolf Hitler.

Who is this man? Some guy named Raghubir Yadav who wore a haircut, mustache, and uniform similar to that of Adolf Hitler. He appeared in the 2011 Indian movie Dear Friend Hitler (Gandhi to Hitler). The movie shamelessly ripped off Downfall piece by piece.

He's even shorter than any other Hitlers, speaks Hindi, among many other things. May or may not be the least hammy Hitler out there.

In the parodies

Always at conflict with Dolfy. Most, if not all of his scenes imitate Dolfy's scenes either. Hell, even his clothes resemble that of Dolfy's!

The same goes to other people in his bunker; their clothes/uniforms resemble those from Downfall, and so on. There are however, multiple facial/physical differences. For instance, Krebs has an India-style mustache, unlike the Downfall Krebs. Also, Goebbels is taller than the one in Downfall (Gunsche being shorter), Eva usually speaks English, etc.