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The Inglourious Basterds Hitler.

In 2009, Quentin Tarantino's movie, Inglourious Basterds, was released. It's noted for featuring a certain Adolf Hitler who wears a cape and hits his table exactly 6 times while yelling "nein", also 6 times. Brad Pitt "counters" him by saying "yes" 4 times. And he gets shot while watching a movie. Even after death his body is riddled with bullet holes, guts, and possibly his organs.

In the parodies

Without doubt, Dolfy's biggest rival, if not, enemy. Both tried to destroy each other, not to mention the other Hitlers.

In what was defined in our calendar as February 21, 2011, Dolfy challenged him to a screaming contest. Dolfy yells "yah" while IB Hitler yells "nein". Dolfy wins because he can yell Fegelein, something IB Hitler can't do because he doesn't have an antic master himself.

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Universal Soldier: Project Untergang

Inglourious Basterds Hitler tried to take over Germany after Dolfy's death, but Himmler took over before he (IB Hitler) could. He builds up an army, steals Gunsche, kidnaps the Soviet prime minister's children, and takes over a derelict power plant in the Alps.

He demanded Himmler to resign from office and the Soviets to release his men they've held captive. Should both sides refuse to do so, the man will blow up a nuclear detonator that has been planted on one of the plant's reactors. And it's counting down.

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