Call of Fegelein 2
Status Canceled
Gameplay time Depends on gameplay time
Language English
Main cast

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Call of Duty 2, w/ WCP Reality Mod Version 2.91


Call of Fegelein 2 was a "sub-mod" for Call of Duty 2's WCP Reality Mod Version 2.91, available here. It was being developed side-by-side along with FegelCineplex's Fegel Recon.

Gameplay changes

The mod doesn't change much, only adding new soundbytes/musics, character/vehicle modifications, new weapon loadouts, minor map re-scripting, etc.

Plot summary

1941. The International Council of Anticology, established to maintain alliance between antic masters throughout the world, has ceased to exist after 10 years. Fegelein's forces, aided by Hitler, launched attacks on the Soviet Union, sparking a war between two antic masters: Fegelein and Tukhachevsky. Additionally, thanks to international treaties, a Soviet expeditionary force were able to enter the Afrika Korps-occupied North Africa.

You will assume the role of Tukhachevsky as you drive out Fegelein and Hitler's forces from three Soviet cities (Moscow, Stalingrad, and Leningrad), the role of Fegelein's brother Waldemar helping Rommel's forces, and as HERMANN Fegelein once you complete the first two... against an enemy that I'm not gonna reveal because I won't spoil the plot.




Off-screen only