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NOT to be confused with Downfall, period. Not to mention the 2012 movie "Deadfall" either.

Deadfall is a 1993 crime/drama neo-noir movie directed by Christopher Coppola, starring Michael Biehn (Kyle Reese/Cpl. Hicks) and, obviously, Nic Cage. Plus Charlie Sheen (Pvt. Taylor/Topper Harley) and James Coburn (John Mallory/Henry Waternoose/Sgt. Rolf Steiner).

Both Cage and Biehn would work together again in Michael Bay's The Rock. This is possibly the only movie where Cage gets hammy to the max, and also the only one where Cage swears almost the entire freakin' time. Cage's acting turned the film into an unintentional comedy... unless it is intended to be a one. IMDb lists the movie as a comedy.

The movie is also notable for having both Biehn and Sheen play billiard together.

Plot summary

Biehn plays Joe Dolan, a con artist who accidentally shoots his father, Mike (Coburn) during a sting gone wrong. A dying Mike tells Joe to recover valuables stolen by his twin brother (and therefore Joe's uncle), Lou. He meets with Lou's psychopathic, drug-taking lackey Eddie (Cage) and his girlfriend Diane (Sarah Trigger). At one point in the movie, Joe falls for Diane (who serves as the "femme fatale", a must have in films noir) and Eddie "abducts" Lou only to get his face burned by Joe (HOW'D IT GET BURNED aka. he's dead), gaining Lou's confidence, joining him in a diamond swindle. Little did Joe knows that he's being set up by Mike, still alive using him (Joe) as a pawn in his game of revenge.

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