Downfall Parodies: Dune

The titular planet, Dune aka. Arrakis

Status Pre-production
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Language English
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Any Dune media, including games

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Arrakis, Dune, desert planet.

Downfall Parodies: Dune is an upcoming 4-part Downfall parody. As the title suggests, it's a spoof of the Dune novels by Frank Herbert, not to mention Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, and the game adaptations by Cryo and Westwood.

It's currently unknown when will development start.


10191 AG. The planet, Arrakis, or Dune. A desert planet that is home of the spice melange, the most valuable resource in the known universe.

Adolf Corrino, the Padishah Emperor, has challenged the Imperial Great Houses to fight for control over the planet. The House which produces the most spice, not to mention beating the other houses, wins. Which House will prevail? We'll find out soon enough.