FegelCineplex's Fegel Recon
Status Canceled
Gameplay time Depends on gameplay time
Language English
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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, w/ Expansion Packs (Desert Siege, Island Thunder)


FegelCineplex's Fegel Recon was a Downfall parody-themed Ghost Recon mod. It is being developed side-by-side along with Call of Fegelein 2.

Copyright disclaimerEdit

No copyright infringement is intended in the making of this mod. Any third-party assets used belongs to their respective authors (mostly The War of Infamy team). In addition, this mod is based on a parody meme, which is covered by fair use and satire parody clause. However, the mod itself MAY NOT BE PROTECTED BY SUCH LAWS AND IS THEREFORE SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT TAKEDOWN.

Mod contentsEdit

The mod was divided into 5 sub-mods. They cannot be used coincidentally though (and each won't be released at the same time too). All of them were set in an alternate version of HRP's universe.

Due to the game's engine limitations, you should expect the mod to be pretty flawed in several aspects (ie. no character-specific radio chater, eg. Fegelein).

  • Fegel Recon: Europe
  • Fegel Recon: Africa
  • Fegel Recon: Asia
  • Fegel Recon: Multiplayer
  • Ghost Recon: Axis Powers 7 Central note

Notes Edit

  • GR-AP7C couldn't be, and should NOT be considered as a Downfall parody mod. I've seen everything in Meowjar's DeviantART account. No Downfall characters in sight any more; just soldiers from Call of Duty and ponies. FegelCineplex (talk) 00:20, March 6, 2013 (UTC)