Oh God, not that stare again... just... that... st-- *dies*

Paul Joseph Goebbels, aka. Skeletor, Dolfy's skinny guy and loyalist.

In the parodies

Goebbels, as mentioned earlier, is so emaciated/skinny (very thin) that he's often called a zombie, and even a "pale skeleton". He's rather pissed having such a nickname.

He's very loyal too, even more so than Himmler, who betrayed Hitler by becoming Fegelein's mentor. BUT, there are times when Goebbels would disagree, even to the point of betraying Dolfy; this means that no one is really that loyal to him.

Oh yeah, try not to provoke the man into using his stare of doom at you. You will regret having done so.

In FegelStationChannel's parodies

Later on!

In the mods

Call of Fegelein 2

Goebbels was to appear in the mod as an enemy NPC. A miniboss, more accurately. However, he would spend most of the mod speaking in radios instead of fighting the player.


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