ARMA 2: Der UntergangAdolf HitlerAdolf Hitler (Dear Friend Hitler)
Adolf Hitler (Downfall)Adolf Hitler (Inglourious Basterds)Alfred Jodl
Call of Fegelein 2City of AngelsCon Air
DeadfallDownfall Parodies: Deadliest SpeciesDownfall Parodies: Dune
FegelCineplex's Fegel ReconFegelCineplex's WikiFegelStein: Enemy Territory
Full Fegel JacketHans KrebsHeinrich Himmler
Hermann FegeleinHitler's Teleportation DilemmaJoseph Goebbels
L&H MichaelMedal of Honor: Allied Assault: Der UntergangMicrosoft Mike
Microsoft SamMicrosoft Sam: Attack of the Low Budget DinosaursOtto Gunsche
Peter HoglRadar Overseer ScottySankyo
ScanSoft TomThe Wicker ManUniversal Soldier: Project Untergang
Vasily ChuikovWilhelm BurgdorfWilhelm Keitel
File:ARMA 2 DER UNTERGANG LOGO 000000.pngFile:A Downfall parody-themed COD2 mod Fegelein's desert assault (READ DESCRIPTION!)File:A Downfall parody-themed COD2 mod Jodl's "interrogation" (READ DESCRIPTION!)
File:Cage2.jpgFile:Conair 587x295.jpgFile:Download.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Hitler's Teleportation Dilemma Episode 1 Prologue (READ DESCRIPTION!)File:RYadav.png
File:Tumblr m76nyk95MJ1qbgguvo1 1280.pngFile:Universal soldier project untergang poster by fegelcineplex-d4ve65n.pngFile:Wiki-background

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