Microsoft Sam is an infamous text-to-speech voice. There's been countless of videos of him on YouTube. He reads errors, sings, do fan dubs... among many other things.


He was created in 2000; he came with Windows 2000 up until Windows XP Mode for the Windows Virtual PC (requires Windows 7 Professional). Two versions of him exist: SAPI 4 Sam aka. Speakonian Sam, and SAPI 5 Sam aka. Windows XP Sam. The SAPI 5 version is A LOT MORE flawed when compared to SAPI 4, but there are slight upgrades on him. The flawed version has since been called Natural Microsoft Sam, at least amongst the TTS community.


Microsoft Sam doesn't really have a biography; there are DOZENS of alternate universes, each with their own Sams.

SAPI 5 ROFLCopter sound

In Speakonia, if you type "soysoysoy" he'll say "swah" 3 times. Not in the SAPI 5/Windows XP (includes XP mode) version; he will say things like "sue" or "soup". Likewise, if you type "soisoisoi" he'll say "suave" 2 times before saying "swah".

Flying skills

Microsoft Sam is a very good pilot; at both ROFLcopters and airliners. So good that he actually managed to plummet a Boeing 747 from space all the way to Earth's atmosphere. And yeah, I am being sarcastic here.

MUGEN character

He is. Note that Sam is only for MUGEN 1.0, though you can make him compatible with WinMugen via a few modifications.