Microsoft Sam: Attack of the Low Budget Dinosaurs was a scrapped gag dub of the B-movie Carnosaur 3: Primal Species.

Its cancellation is caused by me/the author/whatever not pleased with the results of the film.

Series overview

Read this if you don't know the movies.

Carnosaur is a 1993 horror B-movie by Roger Corman, and is based on the eponymous British novel by John Brosnan (under the pen name Harry Adam Knight). The movie had very little to do with the novel other than dinosaurs.

The movie's plot is about a crazy, yet misanthropist scientist who despises humanity so bad she attempts to destroy them by cloning theropod dinosaurs, mainly Deinonychuses and T-rexes. She also plans to infect all women on Earth with a virus that fatally impregnates them with dinosaurs. Only the watchman Doc and his hippie friend, Thrush can stop her.

A sequel, Carnosaur 2, was released 2 years later. It is a very, VERY, VERY blatant and ultraviolent rip-off of James Cameron's Aliens. Just replace Hadley's Hope with a nuke mining facility, the marines with (armless and defenseless) technicians, replace Sulaco with some sort of HQ, replace the dropships with Huey choppers, replace Newt with a boy, and replace the aliens with dinosaurs. Oh yeah, one scene pays homage to Apocalypse Now too.

Carnosaur 3, released in 1996, which this video will spoof, is more action-oriented. Why don't you go and check the link above?

Yet another sequel, Raptor, was released in 2001. It's almost completely made up of stock footage from the first three movies.

The latest in the series, The Eden Formula, was released in 2007, and also a Syfy Original Movie. A scientist makes a formula that can revive anything it touches. A company uses it on a T-rex fossil, said company gets raided by terrorists, and accidentally released the T-rex. The doctor and the company's exec attempts to stop it. Expect a poorly CGI-rendered T-rex (which leaps), and stock footage from the first movie, too.