Gunsche, staring at Hitler. It seems to me that he ignored Hitler while he was yelling.

Otto Gunsche is a 1st SS Leibstandarte major and Hitler's adjutant + emotionless, yet dumbass informant.


Early life

Born in Jena, Thuringia. Joined the Nazi Party and the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler at the age of 16. First met Hitler in 1936.

World War II

He became Hitler's ordnance officer in 1940-41. After fighting in the frontline he became Hitler's adjutant in January 1943. He then fought on the Eastern Front and France; he again became Hitler's adjutant in March 1944. He was present in the Wolf's Lair during the 20 July plot. The explosion from the bomb damaged his eardrums.

After the battle of Berlin he was captured by the Soviets; he and Heinz Linge were interrogated by the NKVD about Hitler during Operation Myth, the biography of Hitler prepared for Stalin. The reports Stalin received have since been published in 2005 as "The Hitler Book: The Secret Dossier Prepared for Stalin from the Interrogations of Hitler's Personal Aides" (what an overly long title for a book!).

He was released in 1956.


Gunsche died in 2003; one year before the movie was released. He is survived by a son, named Kai.

In the parodies

As mentioned above, he's Hitler's dumbass/dimwitted, and emotionless informant/adjutant.

Gunsche's alter ego

Gunsche has an alter ego, the blond Richard Stamper. Looks like he survived the destruction of Carver's stealth ship.

In FegelStationChannel's parodies

Universal Soldier: Project Untergang

Gunsche was one of the many deceased Downfall parody characters who were converted into Universal Soldiers. He was stolen by the Inglourious Basterds Hitler to guard a derelict power plant captured by him and his men.

Hitler's Teleportation Dilemma

Before Fegelein died, he activated his Fegel-teleporter, which he programmed to take Dolfy, Gunsche, and Jodl to random locations, in random timelines.

In the mods

Call of Fegelein 2

Gunsche was to appear in the mod as an enemy NPC. A miniboss, more accurately.