Gruppenfuhrer, you are under arrest. I will shoot you, even though I'm fully aware that you can't be killed.

Peter Hogl, a trigger-happy German officer and the only guy who has ever killed Fegelein... NOT!


Early life

Born near Dingolfing in Bavaria in 19 August 1897. After he left school he worked as a miller in Landshut.

World War I

He saw service during World War I, serving under the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. After the war, he left the army in 1919 and joined the Bavarian police, transferring to the criminal police in 1932.


He joined the SS and became a member of Adolf Hitler's bodyguard in 1933, attaining the rank of First Lieutenant in 1934.

World War II and death

From November 1944 onward, he was stationed in Berlin and held the title of Criminal Director. In January 1945, he spent time in the bunker.

At April 1945, Hogl and his detail arrested Fegelein in his apartment. Fegelein had cash, forged passports and was wearing civilian clothes. Fegelein was then court-martialed, and then condemned to death.

After Hitler's death, he, Ewald Lindloff, Hans Reisser, and Heinz Linge brought his corpse to be burned along with Eva Braun's corpse. The next night, he joined the break-out from the Soviet encirclement. He was shot in the head while crossing Weidendammer Bridge on 2 May.

In the parodies

Hitler will always have him to shoot Fegelein. One would wonder why did he shoot Fegelein in the chest and NOT in the head. At times he goes mad and shoots Hitler too.


His MP40 of Total Annihilation is essentially a rapid-firing version of Burgdorf's own Pistol of Armageddon. God help us all... It's certainly more threatening than the pistol.

In FegelStationChannel's parodies

Hitler orders him to kill Jodl, though that doesn't stop him from appearing in later parodies.

In the mods

Call of Fegelein 2

Hogl was to appear in the mod as an enemy NPC. A miniboss, more accurately.