One of the most legendary moments in cinema history. Period.

In 1974, Robin Hardy directed The Wicker Man. It was received very well by critics and to this day, is considered as one of the greatest horror movies. It's also famous for Britt Ekland's nude dance, I shit you not (those were not her asses!).

The Nic Cage-starring 2006 remake is arguably Neil LaBute's most unappreciated film. Other than that, a great unintentional comedy which kickstared the "Not the Bees" craze/meme. Both Hardy and Cage hated the movie.

Hardy's spiritual sequel to the original, The Wicker Tree, was released 5 years later. Critics, audience, and even Hardy himself disliked it. When compared to the remake, it's either on par with it or slightly better.

Another spiritual sequel, The Wrath of the Gods, is en route, again made by Hardy.

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