Universal Soldier: Project Untergang
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Status Canceled
Total duration N/A
Language English
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Films used

Downfall, Universal Soldier films

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Universal Soldier: Project Untergang was a scrapped feature-length Downfall parody. As the title suggests, it is a parody to the Universal Soldier movies starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren and WILL use the movies as well.



Many Downfall parody characters, including Hitler, Krebs, Jodl, Burgdorf, Gunsche, and even Fegelein himself, have died. Himmler takes over Germany, becoming its next Fuhrer. Himmler then cooperates with the US to start the Universal Soldier program, which involves reviving dead humans and turning them into super soldiers. The program is quite successful; in just 1 month, over 100 UniSols have been created, when compared to other "perfect soldier" projects, which failed. For experimenting purposes, Himmler turned all of the dead characters into UniSols.

3 months after Himmler revived them (the dead characters), the Inglourious Basterds Hitler and his forces stole Gunsche, kidnapped the Soviet prime minster's children, and took over a derelict power plant somewhere near the Alps. Worse, Burgdorf, whose mind is confined within a Self-Evolving Thought Helix (SETH) unit, declares mutiny against his masters, taking over the Ryan-Lanthrop Research Facility (not far from the power plant) in the process, with the help of Jodl and his upgraded UniSols. Even worse, Hitler is out of control, terrorizing everyone in his way... and kills those who wants to attack him.

A joint German-US-Soviet military force was sent in to eliminate them, but are wiped out. Himmler decides to send in Fegelein to finish the job.

And things went downhill from there. From bad, to worse...


Hermann Fegelein

  • Affiliation: Waffen SS
  • Rank: General (SS)
  • Causa morti (cause of death): Force-fed with VX gas

Downfall Adolf Hitler

  • Affiliation: The Party
  • Rank: Fuhrer (GER)
  • Causa morti (cause of death): Ran over by train

Otto Gunsche

Heinrich Himmler

  • Affliation: SS/The Party
  • Rank: Fuhrer (SS)

Alfred Jodl

  • Affiliation: OKW/Heer
  • Rank: Colonel General (GER)
  • Causa morti (cause of death): Sodomized with a rifle, then shot through the ass by Hitler

Wilhelm Burgdorf

  • Affiliation: Heer
  • Rank: Lieutenant General (GER)
  • Causa morti (cause of death): Body; dead. Mind; alive, confined in Self-Evolving Thought Helix Unit #2

Inglourious Basterds Hitler

  • Affiliation: United Hitler Alliance
  • Rank: Fuhrer (GER)

Hans Krebs

  • Affiliation: Heer
  • Rank: General (GER)
  • Causa morti (cause of death): Foolishly touches a poisonous map (WTF)

Wilhelm Keitel