A pissed off Burgdorf.

Wilhelm Burgdorf (born 15 February 1895) was a Lieutenant General and General der Infanterie (General of the Infantry) of the German Heer. Also the fast-ranting, always-drunk, pistol-toting guy in the bunker.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

There isn't much info on this one.

World War I service Edit

Burgdorf joined the Reichsheer during WWI as an infantry officer in the 12th Grenadier Regiment in 1915.

Interwar Edit

Between the wars he served in the Reichswehr (Weimar Republic's army) and was promoted to captain in 1930. Then he got promoted to a major in 1937, then to a lieutenant colonel the next year.

World War II Edit

He served as the commander of the 529th Infantry Regiment from May 1940 to April 1942. In October 1942, he was promoted to Generalmajor. The last time he got promoted was in 1944, to a Generalleutnant. Did we happen to mention that he killed Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Johannes "Desert Fox" Eugen Rommel indirectly? Yes, yes, he did. He forced Rommel to kill himself.

Then the Soviets came to Berlin. He joined Hitler to the bunker. Then both him and Krebs shot themselves in the head.

In the parodies Edit

No one could drink so many boozes like Burgdorf. He could consume an entire booze supply in one day, but not by drinking them simultaneously. Not even Goering, who is a living culinary black hole could do that.

Marriage to Krebs Edit

Yes, it's true. He married Krebs. There are other parodies which depict Krebs and Burgdorf as lovers, such as Antic Menace The Antic Menace.

Pistol of Armageddon Edit

Cosmic horror at its finest scale. It may not be Lovecraftian, but Burgdorf's pistol can put an end to all of the universe, to the point of causing the Big Crunch. It's unclear if it can cause multiversal destruction, though. Or even worse, METAPHYSICAL destruction. One wonders what would happen if Burgdorf uses it to shoot Fegelein.

In FegelStationChannel's parodiesEdit

Universal Soldier: Project UntergangEdit

Burrgdorf was killed, but unlike most characters, he doesn't become a UniSol. Instead, his mind is transferred into a Self-Evolving Thought Helix supercomputer unit, which like WOPR, controls weapons, defense systems, you name it. For some reason, Burgdorf decides mutiny against the German government, and with the aid of Jodl, takes over the Ryan-Lanthrop facility there.

In the modsEdit

Call of Fegelein 2Edit

Burgdorf was to appear in the mod as an enemy NPC. A miniboss, more accurately. Hopefully, he won't bring along his Pistol of Armageddon.