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Wilhelm Keitel, the always serious old man in the bunker. A field marshal and leader of the OKW. The man is quiet "popular" so biographies aren't needed unless YOU WANT ME TO.

In the parodies

So, Keitel here is a man who from the looks of it, is just as old, or older than Dolfy. If someone tells a joke, he:

  • doesn't smile, nor laugh, but stare at confusion.
  • yell, well, "niemals".
  • stare angrily, or even menacingly, ala a Stanley Kubrick movie.
  • confront someone who may have something to do with said joke.

No matter how the bunker tried, Keitel NEVER laughed at a single joke. Like the Joker once said: Why so serious?

In FegelStationChannel's parodies

Universal Soldier: Project Untergang

Keitel was one of the many deceased Downfall parody characters who were converted into Universal Soldiers. His presence in the series would be minimal.

In the mods

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